Film: ‘Troll Hunter’ – “I once saw a troll try to eat its own tail.”

Christmas TV seemed worse than usual in 2013, I ended up taping ‘Troll Hunter’ due to a combination of morbid curiosity and desperation.

Historic viewing of “found footage” style films have resulted in my having a headache from too much nodding camera work and ‘Troll Hunter’ was no exception.

troll hunter poster

The scenery was pretty, but there seemed to be a lot of staring out of the car window or off into the random distance. The actors seemed convincing and trolls themselves were well done. I like the idea of trolls chewing car tyres.

The film was advertised as being a comedy, but if this is the case then most of the jokes were left out of the sub-titles. There was a couple of nice touches, for example the three sheep on the bridge, the purpose of the powerlines and the results of the bloodwork.

I’d forgotten how flat spoken Norwegian can sound and when combined with the nodding camera it was easy to be lulled into a state of head-aching boredom. But the idea was really good and the last 20 minutes were rather fun.

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