Film: ‘Hideaway’ – Evil hair transplant writes script

It is always unnerving to see someone fail to play a convincing demon-possessed teen serial killer and not two decades later be a bit too convincing as an embarrassing annoying dad.

This however does seem to have been the career path of Jeremy Sisto, who sucked in ‘Hideaway’ and currently hams it up in ‘Suburgatory’.

I did watch most of season 1 of ‘Suburgatory’ but found season 2 has reduced the main character to a poor stereotype of everything she had professed to hate.

hideaway film poster

It transpires that ‘Hideaway’ has been hiding at the back of a shelf, however I have to take full responsibility to putting it in the DVD player.

The film could kindly be described as a poor attempt at a generic horror film with mild supernatural elements that aren’t really explained and really bad special effects. It was based on a book by Dean Koontz and was he apparently disliked the film so much that he tried to get his name removed from it.

I can see why, the film makes a dog’s dinner of an uninspired but straightforward premise – that demonic possession can occur after killing your mum and sister then yourself, only to be brought back after over 30 minutes by your father who then lets you run around killing people and stashing the bodies in an abandoned amusement park.

dean koonz - with hair and without

(Photo from themanwhonevermissed.blogspot)

In fact it makes ‘Phantoms’ seem like a masterpiece of both writing and film making – the acting is better too.

I can’t even spoil this film by posting the ending as the film ending is such a mess that I had to look up the book’s ending to explain the red and blue flashing light show. It wasn’t worth the effort and that might explain why  I haven’t read a Dean Koontz book since he had his hair transplant – although he does look more like a serial killer since he got hair again so perhaps he is using real-life experiences and perhaps the books suck less now.

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