Spin class – love the class, hate the timetable.

Twice a week I tend to find myself in a badly lit room that stinks of sweat and is filled with blaring dance music that seems to endlessly a surprising number of air raid siren sounds – at 7am in the morning.

Despite being subjected to music that I was normally run screaming from I do enjoy my spin classes and am probably addicted to them as I get cranky if I miss a week.


(Photo from some government site)

There is no rational reason for enjoying the spin class so much, being screamed at by an ex-footballer isn’t usually my cup of tea, I don’t like early mornings and I loathe being too near people who shake off their sweat like a dog in a puddle.

However for some reason I keep going. I even tried to indoctrinate the Other Half by taking him to a rare free taster session at a weekend, I am not entirely sure how successful this was as the nearest gyms to home only have classes at stupid times – even stupider than 7am midweek, which is saying something.

With this in mind I probably need to find a new exercise class to drag him too – one that is at a sensible time on a sensible day… finding that might be a heck of a challenge for 2014!

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