Search Engine Strangeness tag – How to get very scared in record time

I don’t normally *do* Saturdays, but the lovely GingerLovesMake-up mentioned the joy of the search engine strangeness tag.

AKA seeing what interesting (or scary) search terms someone put into Google that led someone to your blog. WordPress are nice and make checking this very easy. Explaining the results is harder…

I am confused that “female roommates in savannah ga” got here, but it is a sane search term.

Anyone want to guess what “what dose dispicme” was hoping for?

“Evil of albuquerque new mexico” is somewhat random, I don’t recall Albuquerque have an overly evil vibe – although lots of balloons!

There are more people with blood issues than I expected – notable mentions go to “is blood donation evil”, “is sucking your blood evil” and “vampires acrpting blood donations”.

I wonder what makes someone (or multiple someones) look for “anatomically correct ken doll”

And lastly I now really want some “hot air balloon educational toys for babies”


6 thoughts on “Search Engine Strangeness tag – How to get very scared in record time

    • Instead of pornography I got people wanting approval for drinking their own blood or offer it to vampires. Which I find slightly scarier – although not in the same league as people wanting Disney pornography!

      • Actually that’s true, that probably is scarier than “Stephanie Wright rampant videos.” Who drinks their own blood? Donate it, crazy search people! Don’t drink it! Xx

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