Film: ‘The Frightening’ – Frightening for all the wrong reasons

Films directed by David DeCoteau seemingly have to show a certain quota of males missing clothing, this is can be the only noteworthy thing about the films – other than the bad acting and poor horror special-effects.

I’ve seen three or four of his films as my ex-local video rental store sold them off very cheaply and they are pretty interchangeable – which makes them easy to get rid of.

However for old times’ sake it seemed only polite to watch them first, starting with ‘The Frightening’. Plot wise, Corey moves into a small town with his mother, on his first day at Hallows End High School he gets several warnings that all is not well, but doesn’t seem to take them seriously.

the frightening

Specifically he is warned about staying away from the wresting team – which he doesn’t listen to. For the majority of the film it seems to be the stereotypical jocks VS alternatives scenario – which ‘Disturbing Behavior’ set a pretty high bar for.

As it is only a 15 rated film the missing clothing was limited to the top half of the body, the gore is implausible and very badly done – even watered down ketchup would be preferable. The costumes are skintight to the point where you wonder how anyone can actually walk. The dialogue is stilted and you’ve heard it all before in every other teen horror movie ever.

Despite all these flaws, or perhaps because of them, ’The Frightening’ is pretty watchable… right up to the weird twist. Major spoilers after the picture.

a still from the game Limbo

(A still from the game ‘Limbo’)

I am not sure why there would be a version of limbo set in a school and where the “transfer” students get butchered in order to send them on their way. I am also really unsure why ending a film so the main character knows he is dead but has been kicked out of limbo (I think) seemed a good idea. Poor Corey ends the film watching his mum talk to his photo, then the credits roll, I even fast forwarded to the end credits to see if anything was resolved – it wasn’t.

In short, a nice idea that was badly handled and ended up being less scary than my cat lying in ambush position under the bed sheets.

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