Nails: Robin Hood nails – blocking out my mother’s inappropriate interest in Jack Whitehall

My sibling has exposed my mother to Jack Whitehall, I am hoping it is because she finds him amusing – at least I really hope that is the reason.

Despite this I did record one of Jack’s stand-up shows when it was on TV over the festive season. In this Jack babbled about being 13 and dressing up as Robin Hood.

So looking up Robin Hood nails seemed safer than pondering what exact bit of Jack’s stand-up my mother likes… these are nicely distracting as I remember the animated Disney version of ‘Robin Hood’ from when I was little – either it was always on TV or my parents has recorded it so the TV could be used as a babysitter.

robin hood nails

(Photo from

I don’t even care that these nails are a bit rubbish, it distracts me from wondering about my mother’s interest in Jack Whitehall.

robin hood nails wtf

(Photo from disneynailart.tumblr)

It turns out there aren’t that many Robin Hood inspired nails on the internet, so random Disney will do – these are rather nice too. If you really want me to justify it then Peter Pan does have arrows in it…


(Photo from

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