New Year, new stress – including broken suitcases and yellow food

The immediate start to the New Year isn’t meant to be stressful, it isn’t meant to involve a suitcase weighing 25kg with broken wheels and a broken handle, it isn’t meant to involve my sibling sitting on the floor of a charity shop looking at music magazines from the 1980s for 30 minutes, it shouldn’t involve eating at a restaurant that sells chicken that was packed with a certain type of person – largely groups of four people where the males looked like sex-offenders, it shouldn’t involve my sibling unsubtly putting a couple of their menus in their bag so they can take them back to Japan whilst I desperately pretend not to notice.

I presume that this last incident was due to my sibling wanting examples of English in every-day environments, although I am not sure that peri-peri sauce has a Japanese translation.

yellow plate

(Photo from scholarlifestyle.blogspot)

I’d not been to a (lalala not going to actually name the restaurant) before but had heard the hype. Based on this experience I am not sure that I understand the hype, chicken is pretty hard to get wrong and they managed not to. They did manage to get corn on the cob wrong but it didn’t look like vegetables were a popular option in their core clientele.
What was really interesting is that everything on the plates was yellow – the chicken in sauce was yellow, the rice was yellow, chips were yellow, corn was black with yellow bits, the garlic bread was yellow-brown…

There is the rule of thumb that the more colourful your food the better it is for you – which falls apart the minute you bring e-numbers and colours into the equation, so on those grounds I resisted looking up the nutritional black hole that was our dinner and will not be revisiting the establishment.

broken suitcase

(Photo from worleygig)

I daren’t mention my sibling and the debacle with the suits or buying a new laptop – which is badly needed but was met with total disinterest except when I asked them what colour they wanted.

The suitcase was so trashed I immediately knew that a new one was needed – absolutely no question, there was wire sticking out of the bottom, the outside lining was falling off, the pull handle had literally come off in their hand, the wheels no longer turned. But my sibling was in denial and ignored all of this. So I am going to buy one anyway – otherwise they will never make it back to Japan with all their stuff!

As guilty as I should feel for saying it, I am rather looking forward to my sibling going back to Japan in just under a week, but first I need to buy them a new suitcase.

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