Film: ‘Young Demons’ – Slow motion horror

This is another by David DeCoteau film I’m afraid. In my defence I didn’t realised, until after I’d purchased it, that the film ‘Young Demons’ was actually ‘The Brotherhood 3: Young Demons’.

David’s film are generally bad enough that I wouldn’t knowingly watch one of their sequels. ‘Young Demons’ is a lovely illustration of why this is the case, if you removed the slow motion shots, the semi-flash backs and the random shower scene then you would probably have maybe 45 minutes of footage.

young demons film cover

Of this 45 minutes  around seven minutes actually contain plot. The plot is some teens role-play in school after dark, in one game they invite a jock and use a budget Book of Pure Evil.

It was a very bad film, however it was more watchable than the live action Thunderbirds film.

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