Nails: Rainbows – Preventing me screaming at the car in front?

We’ve had so much rain that the bridge in the next town is underwater, this means that everyone wants to use the bridge in my town and are forming two hour traffic jams that stop me getting home.

So I’m not a fan of rain right now, however with a bit of sunshine we could get rainbows and that would *almost* make the traffic jams tolerable… almost…

Shouting at the car in front is not a good look, however I don’t want cute and fluffy nails for sitting in a traffic jam – as cute and fluffy as these are.

cute rainbow nails

(Photo from

Less pink and more cloud is a better fit for my mood after I’ve been in the jam for over an hour.

rainbow nails cloud

(Photo from marce7ina.blogspot)

Slightly scary stripes work almost concerningly well, they look slightly sinister and are really bold colours which is nicely distracting and might limit the abuse that I give to  the jerk who is trying to push in to the queue at the last minute!

rainbow stripe

(Photo from trymyhand.blogspot)

I love the heartbeat rainbow idea, it would be even better if one of them flatlined… which is what my hopes of having an evening were doing after over two hours in traffic last night!

(Photo from noturmommasnails.blogspot)

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