Film: Lucky Number Slevin – “What, he’s got wings, he flies, he sprinkles magic dust all over the place?”

The first time I watched ‘Lucky Number Slevin’ I thought that it was slow and dull  – this was probably because I’d been told how great it was and I had really high expectations.

The second time that I watched it my expectations were much lower and I found it enjoyable – to the extent that the DVD isn’t going to the charity shop.

The basic premise is there are two rival criminal gangs led by as The Boss (Morgan Freeman) and The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley). Due to a slightly odd chain of events Slevin Kelevra ends up mixed up in their schemes. Slevin is played by Josh Harnett and thankfully he doesn’t look 12 years old in this movie.

lucky number slevin

(Film poster)

There is the added complication of Mr Goodkat, an assassin played by Bruce Willis when he still had hair. Plus the lovely Lucy Liu is required to appear ageless as Josh’s love interest and to do as little acting as possible.

I can’t really say anything more as the plot is a fragile balanced thing that would be easy to break with a stray word – which would ruin the film.

This isn’t an action packed film, it wanders along at its own pace and the conclusion is more satisfying than I remembered.

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