Food: The weird end of the reduced price Christmas bargains

There is a nice rush in feeling that you are getting a bargain – or at least something odd for not much money!

I was relatively good in the sales this year as I knew a bag of strange things from Japan was coming my way shortly. However I still managed to find a few very cheap things to subject my ever-loving husband to.

He really likes Christmas Pudding, so I finally got around to buying one with a candied clementine hidden in the middle and it was actually pretty good! Most of the Heston foods that Waitrose sell sound a little odd and in 2012 there were some mince pies with pine flavoured sugar that smelt like toilet cleaner.

heston hidden clementine

(Picture from Ocado)

This Pudding was *much* nicer than those mince pies and didn’t smell like toilet cleaner at all! Although I still wouldn’t pay full price for it!

Due to the relatively sane nature of the Clementine Christmas Pudding I had to up the ante and bought a *very* reduced Heston Christmas Pudding that had chocolate sauce in the middle. I like chocolate but I wasn’t sure that it would go with Christmas Pudding!

chocolate pudding

(Picture from Ocado)

Chocolate -centred Christmas Pudding was pretty good – if rather filling and probably full of horrendous nutritional values! The clementine one felt less heavy on the stomach and had a fuller flavour.

The bargain that I was happiest with was a Swedish Christmas drink called Nygarda Julmust. It is a massively big deal in Sweden – even outselling Coca Cola, and I wanted to inflict it on my husband (who enjoys his coke).

nygarda julmust swedish christmas soft drink

(Picture from Ocado)

Nygarda Julmust is often described as tasting like root beer, I can see the similarities but it smelt weirder! My wonderful husband did finish the bottle almost single handed but I get the impression that he would rather it wasn’t purchased again!

That is Christmas well and truly over! I wonder what odd things the local Polish shop has in stock for Valentine’s Day…

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