Knee – Shaking my way towards a MRI scan

As far as I can tell I still have patella femoral joint issues (aka runner’s knee) – specifically with my left knee. I haven’t seen the physiotherapist for a month now, my left knee still feels tight and stiff, often sore. The muscles on the outer quad sometimes shake uncontrollably on both legs – most recently on Monday in the middle of yoga class.

I know that muscle shakes can be caused by dehydration or insufficient good fuel – I think that Monday’s shakes could have been aided by a little too much sugar that morning.


(Photo from the BBC)

It could have been muscle fatigue as I have been a little bit lax  with my physio-suggested leg exercises for the last couple of weeks. The shakes were during moves that I’ve done a lot before – variations on Warrior 1 and 2, so my body should know that it can pull these moves off. Although if my stupid muscles haven’t been exercises and stretched properly then that would probably not help – plus the sugar thing…

Alternatively, my yoga teacher has suggested that  the shaking in when my legs feel vulnerable, I respectfully counter that her tugging my leg into “better alignment” might not have helped with the cause or effect.

knee xray

(Photo that I’ve used before somewhere on a previous post – probably about my knee…)

It has occurred to me that perhaps I should try to push the leg more – to see if I can run yet, even if just for a minute. But I an nervous about trying this without a physio saying to do so, something that I am not prepared to spend £50 on an appointment to see if I get.

The NHS have me on hold, my six NHS physio sessions were woefully inadequate, I am booked in for an MRI scan in a month’s time. Google tells me that the MRI scan should give a decent view of bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and other random stuff – so in theory that should confirm (or deny) if  there is anything wrong that physiotherapy alone can’t fix.

To sum up – my knee is still not right. Both legs sometimes randomly have weird shaking muscles and I have to wait to see if the MRI scan shows any underlying cause. Joy.

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