Film: ‘WALL-E’ – Kneel before your new robot overlord

WALL-E is an animated Pixar film that I somehow didn’t get around to watching for a surprisingly long time.

Put simply WALL-E is a robot who was created to tidy up the Earth whilst humanity were on a spaceship cruise ship – although this ship isn’t big enough to have possibly taken everyone and they all sound American. He is also the last active Wall-E unit and has been ‘alive’ for around 700 years – the cruise ship left earth 705 years ago.

wall-e poster

(WALL-E poster)

He can communicate with robotic beeps that conveniently sound similar to words, he also cannibalises replacement parts from the inactive WALL-E units.

In short, WALL-E is a sentient being trapped on a waste-strewn Earth, given an impossible task, no companionship except cockroaches and cannibalises his fellow robots to stay alive. This combination of factors is actually a very scary premise and after the first 15 minutes I was half expecting WALL-E to confirm that he had gone insane and to set fire to the enormous, endless piles of rubbish causing the entire planet to combust.

What actually happened was scarier; WALL-E continues compacting the rubbish into neat squares and constructs tall buildings from these squares. Then when a trigger-happy robot called EVE arrives on Earth he stalks her and builds effigies of her out of rubbish.

After a curious sequence of events WALL-E ends up on the cruise ship and starts causing chaos – including insurrection and rioting. The film paints this in a positive light and as being accidental, however the film is starting to feel like an unreliable narrator, perhaps it is a propaganda piece produced to ensure that humanity thinks fondly of their new robot overlord and overlook his evil master-plan.

Wall-E robot uprising

(Still from ‘WALL-E’ – behold the beginning of the end!)

Spoilers and conspiracy theories ahead.

After more curious events the spaceship cruise ship and its limited human cargo arrive back on Earth proclaiming their intent to heal the world and grow crops – including pizza plants.

Over the end credits there are some still drawings which look to give the impression that humanity managed to, at least, start this healing and growing. However I wasn’t convinced, I think the robots took over and enslaved humanity, these drawings were cave paintings of the dreams that were trampled under robotic feet and treads.

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