Pop Culture: You have WHAT on your bra?!

Pop culture is fun but I am not sure that I want pop culture on my bra.

An annoyed looking mushroom and a pipe sounds like a mood killer to me!

pop  culture bra super mario brothers

(Photo and item from etsy)

However ‘shrooms sound positively desirable compared to a set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle eyes staring at you!

pop  culture bra teenage mutant ninja turtles

(same shop as above)

Those eyes are going to haunt me for weeks!


4 thoughts on “Pop Culture: You have WHAT on your bra?!

    • Agree completely about the fun aspect of these – well at least the Mario one, the Turtles one is a little too scary for my tastes.

      Perhaps the idea isn’t to have them as undergarments that only one person (or a small number of people) see, but to instead share them with as many people as possible. For example I can easily imagine some of my sibling’s male friends wearing one on a night out and running amok in such a way that everyone in the vague vicinity sees it and the photos then end up all over Social Media.

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