Book: Diana Rowland’s ‘My Life as a White Trash Zombie’ – “Why can’t people be reasonable and only die after eleven A.M.?”

I picked up ‘My Life as a White Trash Zombie’ knowing that it was going to be silly, lightweight fun with a mouthy female lead. This suited me down to the ground as recently work has been very aggravating – it was this vibe that also led to me seek out ‘First Grave on the Right’ which is somewhat similar in style.

Angel Crawford lives with her alcohol-dependent father in a less-than-super part of Louisiana. She bounces between dead-end jobs, has a pill habit and has recently had an unfortunate run-in with the law. Angel is very mouthy and has a habit of getting into bad situations.

my life as a white trash zombie

(Book cover art)

The book starts as Angel wakes up in hospital with hazy recollections of the blood and chaos that comes with a car accident, however according to the medical staff she overdosed.

An unsigned note directs her to a new job at a morgue where she starts craving brains – which freaks her out, the anonymous note-sender directs her to eat what she craves… so she does and the penny eventually drops that she is a zombie.

Angel has no idea who created her or what the rules of her newfound status are, but there are an increasingly number of headless dead bodies arriving at the morgue. The book wanders along nicely, there aren’t many action scenes but things get to where they are going eventually.

cake plants vs zombies

(Photo from

As a fun book with a smart-mouthed, funny and easily annoyed female lead I can’t fault it. If I was to get picky about the plot then my bugbear would be the identity of the person who turned her into a zombie, why they didn’t tell her that they had done so, the fact they expected her to discover this and turn out ok, plus that (spoiler!) they shack up.

I’d be rather annoyed if someone had turned me into one of the undead and not bothered telling me a) this or b) anything else. I certainly wouldn’t shag them – even after having a spoonful of brains first to make sure that nothing fell off during.

There are a couple of sequels with equally funky and funny titles, but I rather liked it as a standalone book – if nothing else because I can cope with one scene of eating brains followed by zombie sex but I am not sure I want to risk there being more instances in the subsequent books.

“It reminds me of an old joke: What did the Zombie say to the whore?”
I looked at him blankly. “Um….what?”
He winked. “Keep the tip.”

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