TV: ‘Bones’ – “The oil will loosen the seared body parts stuck to the metal. It’s no different than steak on a grill that sticks.”

Sometimes you hear about the TV show but don’t know anyone who watches it – or at least not anyone who says they watch it.

For example I watch ‘Revenge’ but I don’t mention it to more than a couple of people, this was partly as season 1 was trashy fun in the same way as a Mexican soap opera and partly because seasons 2 & 3 sank to a level that even a Mexican soap opera refuses to. By mid season 3 the only character in ‘Revenge’ who isn’t utterly reprehensible is Nolan, who I am feeling rather sorry for!

bones promo poster

(Promo poster for ‘Bones’)

But the show I am thinking of in this instance is ‘Bones’, which I must admit I’d discounted as being a ‘CSI’ rip-off with David Boreanaz who played Angel in ‘Buffy’ as the male lead to boost viewing figures.

‘CSI ‘ lost me as a viewer a few years ago when it got to the stage that I could guess the killer, the flimsy motive and the twist within 2 minutes of an episode starting. ‘Criminal Minds’ is getting ludicrous and overly gross, both of which are off-putting and they don’t seem to know what to do with Garcia.

So when the first season of ‘Bones’ became available on my TV provider’s back catalogue I decided to try a couple and it wasn’t what I expected at all. For starters it was intentionally giggle-inducing funny despite the dead people and the dialogue is very good. The characters are quirky and have back-story without them being too annoying or distracting (although I am only 6 episodes into season 1).


(Still of Garcia from ‘Criminal Minds’)

The characters of Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth do interact well, there is a hint of chemistry which could go either way right now! It feels like the episodes have been considered and planned rather than slung together around a dead body – in one episode in particular the subplot of Bones’ books acted as a perfect counterfoil to the depressing subject of a dead child who was the main plot.

I wouldn’t say that I care about the characters at this early stage and I am seeing similarities to characters in other shows – particularly with Angela and Zack to Garcia and Spencer from ‘Criminal Minds’, but I am currently loving not knowing with absolute certainly who the killer is before the beginning credits have started!

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