The world VS my glasses – Perception is a lie

At an eye test around 18 months ago it was advised that I should wear glasses for using computer screens – a pretty major part of my day-job.

I wasn’t overly inclined to use the glasses as a) it was all new to me and I didn’t like it and b) the optician’s faffing and fussing over my employer’s eye test voucher took ages and was irritating.

cat chewing glasses

(Photo from mylast365days.blogspot)

For the last month I’ve been having eye-wateringly bad headaches and eventually the penny dropped  that it might be an idea to try my glasses. Having put them on my headache started to reduce so now it was merely very very uncomfortable – which is sort of a positive I suppose…

I am hoping that the residual eye strain continues to diminish and at some point soon I might be headache free. However this will only happen if I continue to wear my glasses – which I detest.

janine ghostbusters glasses

(Still from ‘Ghostbusters’ or possibly ‘Ghostbusters 2’)

I tried very hard to pick a pair of glasses that were as invisible as possible; the frames are pretty thin, there is no big chunky logo or design flair, the colour is a slight purple – subtle but funky. So I shouldn’t hate them… but I do, frankly they make me feel like Janine from ‘Ghostbusters’.

Aside from her dulcet tones and interesting hair it is Janine’s glasses that scream minimum-wage-receptionist/general dogsbody – which isn’t a look or career than anyone would aspire to.

penelope garcia glasses criminal minds

Contrastingly Penelope Garcia from ‘Criminal Minds’  has made her glasses part of her quirky demeanour – unfortunately I suspect my employer won’t be overly understanding if I adopted her dress sense or certain aspects of her personality (aka sexual harassment of male co-workers).

Also I have yet to see an episode of ‘Criminal Minds’ where Garcia is given concussion by her cat head-butting her – having glasses has just made this experience more painful!

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