Pilates – Unexpectedly making celebrity gossip mandatory

I was inspired to try a Pilates class to balance out my yoga teacher’s semi-rant about what she views as good and bad foods. My employer offers onsite Pilates classes so I really should have tried one earlier! There are three classes a week on offer (one early and two in a late lunch slot) and they all have different teachers.


(Photo from NHS)

I went for an early morning one rather than argue with my boss about taking a late lunch. It transpires that the class I ‘picked’ was attended by the woeful head of HR, the despised head of what was key department before he ran it into the ground, the p*ss-poor female gym teacher who has a tendency to not turn up to the classes she is due to teach and the overly bubbly & oversharing ex-manager who ineffectually deals with a 3rd party supplier who are seriously screwing my employer over. So a really fun group.

The teacher is a vacuous, celebrity-obsessed woman with a self-confessed sugar addiction who would be a believable addition to ‘Sex in the City’ (or similar) as she refers to her partner by a *rather personal* nickname rather than a real name. I haven’t yet worked out if she is legitimately seeing this chap or if she is the ‘other woman’.

necker island

(Photo from mirror.co.uk)

Whilst the class are in positions she babbles on about celebrities that she’s seen or heard rumours about, her partner’s ‘business’ & perks of this and a lot about reality TV. Although I must admit that hearing all about how mediocre Richard Branson’s British Virgin Island (Necker Island) is was rather interesting and I am looking forward to later this month to hear her slag off some celebrity juice-diet get-away that is costing well over £1,500.

Despite this sounding like my personal vision of Hell I am actually enjoying the classes a lot and they are challenging – it seems that my yoga teacher really doesn’t touch the major core work and Pilates is certainly giving me pain in new places. As this was exactly what I wanted I am very very happy and am accidentally having exposure to a world that I now know I don’t want a part of!

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