Nails: Stars – Twinkle, twinkle pretty nails

I like stars, my ideal invisible tattoo involves a star in one form or another.

Viewing nail art as being a tattoo without the commitment, however there is such a thing as having too much choice!

There is the classic stars on a black background which is pretty timeless.

stars on black

(Photo from

The more modern and yet stereotypical stars on pink – rather busy but hard to miss!

stars on pink

(Photo from

My favourite colour is purple, so it would make sense to see how purple backed stars look… unfortunately my initial find were too ornate for everyday wear.

stars on purple - ott

(Even with glasses on I can’t read the water mark on these nails but the photo was found on

I LOVE the mixture of stars on these nails but think I’d need a stamp (or transfers!) to be that tidy without some serious practise!

stars on purple

(Photo from

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