Micropets – Unofficial cat toys

As part of the clear-out battle that I am currently losing I went through a box of random stuff. The cats decided to help – G in particular.

G isn’t fussy about what he steals to be an unofficial cat toy, almost anything forbidden will do. However he did take a real shine to a random Micropet that was lurking at the bottom of the box.

kuda micropet

(Photo from Amazon)

I am not sure why we have this Micropet, who is apparently called Kudo.

Apparently Micropets are supposed to respond to voice commands, as far as I can tell they beep randomly, their eyes flash and they move clumsily when they feel like it. I can’t swear that this is all they do, but this is definitely all they do once a cat has gripped them firmly by the head and is shaking them violently.

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