The MRI scan has landed! Bring on the claustrophobia

The letter confirming the MRI scan (Magnetic resonance imaging) appointment to take a proper look at the patella femoral joint issues (aka runner’s knee) in my left knee didn’t mention that it was going to be in a lorry trailer parked in the hospital car park.

Due to the MRI equipment being massive there wasn’t much trailer left for people to fit in. So there was a tiny claustrophobic room with a small hole to fit bodies in and a small area by a door with an ancient computer screen and one chair being shared between two technicians.

mri scanner

(Photo from

I am not a massive fan of small spaces but as this was a knee scan I didn’t expect to have any issues… then they stuck me into the machine up to the top of my shoulders.  That made me very nervous, but still happier than I would have been if the CD player had been working as the hospital’s collection of CDs consisted of compilations from 1996 and Will Smith’s ‘Big Willie Style’.

So the CD playing being out of action was fantastic, it meant that I got to listen to the random machine noises without anyone thinking that I was weird.

What was undeniably weird was the vibrations made my feet twitch, which was somewhat random. Now I just need to wait a couple of weeks for my doctor to get the results and hopefully they will share them…

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3 thoughts on “The MRI scan has landed! Bring on the claustrophobia

  1. Eeeesh. There is something inherently terrifying about those machines. I do not envy you one jot.. Hope all is ok though! 🙂

    • It feels more like experimental space technology than modern medicine! Although less utterly strange than the diathermy machine.

      However it seems to have been useful and I’m eagerly awaiting the next seemingly-random machine that must inevitably be in my future!

      • ‘Experimental space technology’ indeed! It’s a little wonder you weren’t beamed about the Starship Enterprise or something.. xD

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