Book: Lee Child’s Jack Reacher – “What I mean is the cheapest woman tends to be the one you pay for”

Strictly speaking this isn’t about any of Lee Child’s books as I haven’t read any. But as Child’s was so vocal about Tom Cruise being a good fit as Jack Reacher it seems logical that the film must be a good representation of the books – as surely Child’s would have been vocal again if they’d broken his baby?

So a few years ago there was a trend for film trailers to show the big event at the end of the film – without giving away spoilers let’s use the examples of a Bruce Willis flick involving meat suits and a remake of what happens when biological weapons are released in a small US town.

jack reacher poster

This was rather vexing, however was still an improvement on trailers which are entirely misleading – for example ‘Jack Reacher’. From the trailers I expected the film to be an action movie, perhaps something reminiscent of Bourne (the out for revenge bit, not the holes in memory bit). It transpired to be a far slower ‘thriller’ style film.

I don’t have a great track record with slow-developing thrillers, I nearly fells asleep during ‘Lions for Lambs’, I did fall asleep in the cinema during ‘The Perfect Storm’, ‘The International’ was on a faulty disk that kept skipping (admittedly this wasn’t the film’s fault) and had robotic acting, ‘The Ghost Writer’ was an interesting idea but a painfully slow film. Even ‘All The President’s Men’ could have been edited a little tighter to reduce the running time

However all of these are super compared to ‘Jack Reacher’, simply because the trailer led me to expect a tightly plotted and action-based film. It didn’t help that the acting was wooden and the couple of minutes (at most) of action scenes in the trailer were the only ones in the film – which is over two hours long!

I’ve not read any of Lee Child’s book and having seen this film I will now avoid them like the plague. To be on the safe side I may also start avoiding anything with Tom Cruise in!

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