Nails: Random as heck – I’m not afraid of your nails… much

I am tired, cranky and under-motivated to do loads of things that I really need to do.

Hopefully the sunshine will help with my motivation, but right now my inner child is being a right brat and just wants to act up. With this in mind I used a certain internet search engine to return results for “random nail art”, I wanted to find something scary.

It gave me these, these are terrifying. Their blank eyes look like portals that will suck your soul into some dark dimension. The white blobs are clearly the souls of previous victims.

what the hell nails

(Photo from

There is no hope, only death – in bunny form!

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3 thoughts on “Nails: Random as heck – I’m not afraid of your nails… much

  1. Oh my gosh, these are so cute. Ever seen the show Greg the Bunny? It’s a long-since-cancelled show about humans and puppets co-existing in the world. Anyways, Greg, the bunny, had similar disembodied, and yet adorable, eyes. 🙂

      • It’s awesome and twisted and inappropriate and sweet all at the same time. Eugene Levy was in it, as well as Seth Green and Sarah Silverman. There was only one season, but it’s worth finding.

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