Role models – With added dead bodies

At a job interview, for a job that I quickly decided that I didn’t want, they asked me “who is your role model and why?” They were very clear that it had to be someone famous, it couldn’t be someone who simply cared for their local community and neighbours. I got the impression that they would prefer a reality TV-style vacuous celebrity role model.

I forget my answer, but it was a lie as I didn’t have one.  My logic was that even if I wanted one we live in an age where anyone and everyone can make themselves look silly using social media – for example Twitter seems to exist purely to let people look ignorant, self-absorbed or libellous.

kathy reichs

Men can at least use sports personalities as role models, at least until their role models test positive for something forbidden or they kick someone in the head…

Female role models are even harder to find and are generally judged more harshly – be it on attractiveness, perceived sexual promiscuity or other random things.

This didn’t encourage me to spend the time required to find a role model, however I think I may have stumbled across one accidentally. A female who is around the age of my parents, who is a crime writer that I have never read, a professor at a University I will never visit, aided in the identification of war dead and is a producer of a TV Show that (so far) I don’t hate.

I’m not sure that the interviewer would have appreciated my naming Kathy Reichs as a good role model over someone more accessibly mainstream famous, but I am pretty happy with this choice and have no intention of digging any deeper as I don’t want to run the risk of finding any skeletons or finding a social media site.

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