Book: Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Non Fiction’ – “The problem with proximity friends is, they move away. They quit or get fired”

Several years ago I went through a stage where I read Chuck Palahniuk’s work regularly, I hated my job, I was getting used to a new city and didn’t really have any direction in my life. Chuck felt like a friend of sorts, someone reliable when I was still finding my feet

The last book that I bought was ‘Haunted’ in 2005, for some reason I didn’t get on with it and I fairly quickly realised that I didn’t like some of the older books anymore. I’d never stopped to wonder why, I just moved on and passed them onto other people.

non-fiction chuck palahniuk

I still have a couple of his books tucked away somewhere on an out-of-the way shelf but I’m not looking for them, stumbling across them sounds more fun.

‘Non-fiction’ (also known as ‘Stranger Than Fiction‘) was knocked off a shelf by a cat after a ball, which seems fitting given the number of times the word “pussy” is used in the first essay. This detail also means that I am not comfortable giving this book to anyone I need to look in the eye!

It’s an interesting book, but there are bits that I don’t really want to read again and fundamentally it was a series of mildly amusing or disturbing (or both) events that, probably, happened to someone else an increasingly long time ago.

Bye bye Chuck, you were a nice proximity friend whilst it lasted

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