Nails: Reminding me of my grandmother – now that she’s being autopsied.

It is tricky when someone you didn’t really know but didn’t really like dies.

Mourning isn’t a natural reaction when your only memories are of them being horrendously and deliberately rude to anyone and everyone.

I am slightly concerned that my parent in question is ok but I can’t ask them as a) I’m pretty sure that they sounded happy when telling me the news (although it was a bad phoneline) and b) if they aren’t feeling anything bad then they might feel guilty if I ask.

I’m just hoping that the will, if it exists, isn’t in extreme favour of my uncle as that would be the vindictive bitch having one last twist of the knife. I think it is probably in favour of the gardener who stole from her, that would be ***ked up.

Her taste in décor was nasty, so these grandma-style curtain nails are actually being far nicer to her than she deserves:

granma's flower curtain nail art

(Photo from

There was a story ages ago bleating about disrespectful young people taking selfies at funerals. Given my sibling has been categorically told not to bother coming to the funeral I am inclined to send them some photos and the selfie-with-added-dead-body idea currently sounds amusing. I am probably going to Hell but at least I am honest.

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