Trudi Canavan’s ‘The Magicians’ Guild’ – magic and slum dwellers and boredom, oh my!

I knew this book was the first in The Black Magician trilogy when I bought it, but as it was book one I expected it to be tolerably self-contained – to at least draw me into the world and then end on the cliff-hanger so I’d buy more books.

The plot is set in a world where the magicians are top dog and are used to bossing everyone around. Then a slum child called Sonea throws a stone at some magicians and it goes through their magic bubble, which means she must have magic and the magicians want to find her otherwise blah blah untrained magic blah blah destroy the world blah.

The Magicians Guild

The trouble is “blah” pretty much sums up the book, I struggled to get to half way through and at this Sonia was STILL being dragged from slum house to slum house by a guy she knew as a child who had now pimped himself out to the Thieves Guild and the magicians were closing in.

This is a REALLY a lot of pages to spend on one long chase scene, it isn’t even setting anything up as Sonea has no backbone or personality  and might only start to develop one (or both) once she stops running and starts training as a magician properly – which is so a foregone conclusion.

By half way through I’d drawn several conclusions, Sonea was a boring character, her childhood friend was not going to get into her pants, the magicians were two-dimension and the Thieves Guild would never had drawn down so much heat for a slum brat who had magic that she couldn’t control. They’d sell her to the highest bidder and then buy some pretty knives.


(Picture from Wiki)

So for the first time that I can remember I decided not to finish the book. It probably gets better once Sonea gets ‘caught’ but I really don’t care anymore. My preferred ending tight now that is she falls off a roof trying to escape and dies in a gutter as her fellow slum dwellers steal her few belongings.

Out of very mild interest I did look up what happened in the rest of the trilogy and am very glad I stopped reading as whilst things get more interesting they won’t make up for the dull 250 pages that I wasted my time on.

Spoilers start now, Sonea doesn’t fit in too well with the magicians, Sonea shags a black magician, fights a bit and gets knocked up by the black magician, he dies and she is now the black magician. Oh the excitement.

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