Dogs: If a bad man gets eaten by dogs would they get sick?

I’m currently slightly bothered by a situation that I can’t influence directly.

Two people, let’s call them mum and dad, moved to a house in the middle of absolutely nowhere and got two very big dogs who bark at things – sometimes a lot. Their nearest neighbour is an Ass, this is undeniable, however perhaps the correct response to his playing crap military matching band music at stupidly loud volume was not to play Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’ at similar volume.

Dad did try to talk to the Ass but the Ass was horrendously rude and didn’t want to have a conversation. For some reason the Ass now fixated on the dogs and complained about them constantly. Even going so far as to say that his grandchildren might get hurt by the dogs – although why they would be in someone else’s garden is a good question.

weimaraner (Photo from

So now we are in a situation where he got a reaction, he now seems to want a bigger reaction. He’s been setting off some sort of firearm, seemingly intending to scare the dogs. As it is the French custom to set off firearms near puppies they are both unbothered by the Ass’ noise.

Things now seem to be escalating, there has been putrid meat put in mum and dad’s garden. It can only be by the Ass and it’s intent can only be to make the dogs ill.

The meat was taken to the vet, but without handing over large sums of money it can’t be tested for poison. My concern is that things seem to be escalating and I can only think of two solutions a) move or b) the Ass has an accident.

I would like that they move, their current location is inconvenient – although the house is gorgeous. I’m not sure what option B can be relied on (well not without direct involvement which would be naughty – although increasingly justifiable). But I’m open to other ideas.

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