Book: Chris Marie Green’s ‘Night Rising’ – Intangible shagging and mommy issues

As it has been just over 20 years since Kurt Cobain died and, in certain circles, conspiracy theories are still rife it was accidentally topical that I picked up a book where dead celebrities are perhaps not as dead as the masses think.

Dawn Madison is a film stuntwoman and doesn’t put up with cr*p from anyone – which makes her a fairly paint by numbers female lead except for her lack of any sense of humour and her seemingly endless sexual desire (which we see as early as page 16 and she repeatedly has sort-of-sex with what seems to be a ghost). Those two character traits rather put me off Dawn, which is a shame as ‘Night Rising’ is the first in a series of six books, plus a few novellas, all of which have her as the lead.
night rising

Anyway, Dawn has come to Hollywood to find her father Frank who has gone missing. She and her father haven’t been close since her famous movie star mother died but family ties are thicker than blood so she sticks around to look for him. The plot thickens when it transpires that Frank vanished whilst investigating how a long-dead child star was caught on film – *hint* he is a vampire like all sorts of other underdeveloped characters in the book.

Frank’s new PI buddies are a mixed bunch, there is a the mystery boss who remains unseen, a little man who happens to be psych, plus a techie woman who was bonking Frank. They are ok and are also paint by numbers but slightly off.

To be honest the whole book seems slightly off, I like the premise but it didn’t work for me. A cult of celebrities turning into vampires then faking their deaths so they can reinvent themselves in a few years’ time is interesting should be a fun main focus for the book, but instead of the book concentrates on Dawn’s rampant mummy issues.

Salt is rubbed in the gaping wound of a plot with the addition of random pop culture references and jarringly out of place sex bits. I was happy to finish the book and am mildly interested if Dawn’s mother is a blood sucking death-faking celebrity whore, but not enough to read any more of this drivel!

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