Book: Faith Hunter’s ‘Bloodring’ – “I lost track of time. I was hopelessly off course”

I’d read one of Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series and thought that it was ok if not super, so when I saw ‘Bloodring’, the first book in the Rogue Mage series, in a charity shop it seemed worth a go.

The angelic cover art and the backblurb made it clear that it was set in a post-apocalyptic world, which is fine however there is standard apocalypse and then there is ripping off the Rapture-style apocalypse. This is the latter, full on seraphs descending with flaming swords and wings, plagues, a new ice age, war and demons.

When the celestial bloodshed ended humans then decided to enforce a worldwide oppressive and vague religious regime. In addition they forced mages into a enclaves, a gilded cage apart from the human population.


I have a soft spot for the end of the world – regardless of how it is done, so can deal with bleak books and mass death. I’ve even read some of the ‘Left Behind’ series, mostly because it seemed an amusing idea and my library had them in stock – despite having very little else on the shelves, and the first couple were less dire than I expected. This meant I was at least a bit interested in someone else’s take on avenging angels and wiping out humanity for its own good.

The main protagonist is Thorn St. Croix who is a mage in hiding amongst the human population, she makes jewellery and has a very promiscuous ex-husband. When the male-slut is kidnapped she has a not-entirely human policeman arrive on her doorstep who she is very attracted to.

This is part of my issue with the book, page 33 informs me that female mages go into heat. As if this wasn’t offensive enough they produce LITTERS. I’d be unimpressed if a male author was this tacky and it is a great way to put me off a series – and an author.

After the litters revelation I started skim reading, I just wanted the book to finish so it could go back to the charity shop. Thorn is rather dull, hiding constantly is rather dull, everyone in the book is rather dull – including the angel beings who seem more likely to be evil aliens, and who honestly thought LITTERS were a good theme?!

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