Nails: Germ nail art – Somewhat stranger than I imagined

I’ve had a stinking cold for days and am even on the utterly disgusting Lemsip in an attempt to clear it.

I remember buying a germ shaped soft toy for my sibling a couple of years ago, my bug-addled brain won’t let me recall which one and my sibling probably ditched it on a pre-Japan clear-out. But it was probably a cold monster.

rhinovirus cold soft toy

Right now I really want a cold germ shaped soft toy so I could squeeze it to death. But as  I don’t I decided that germ/bug/illness related nail art sounded a therapeutic idea. I STRONGLY suggest never ever typing any of that combo into an internet search engine anywhere near a meal time, some people have the most disgusting nail diseases. If my brain wasn’t mush I’d have seen that coming.

Weirdly though the term “germ nail art got me these…


(Photo from

This puts a new spin on the term “infectious pop punk” and now I’m going back to bed.

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