Book: Richelle Mead’s ‘Storm Born’ and ‘Thorn Queen’ – “I’m leaving now. I really don’t want to see you again. Nothing personal. Well, yeah, actually it is”

I had read both of these previously at the library and remembered them being ok – however I had forgotten that both attempted rape and actual rape are used as plot devices. Personally I’m not a fan of this as whilst demonstrating that you are a strong female can mean overcoming adversity it doesn’t have to constantly be rape.

Eugenie Markham is a shaman and sod it the author reduces her to a walking vagina so why should I summarise this plot and lay out its failings?

The library didn’t have the rest of the series so I’ve only had the internet’s version of the ending and it sounds somewhat surprising, to the point where I would rather not read about some silly moo and her irrational decisions.

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