TV: ‘Intelligence’ – Trying to convince us that the Government knowing everything is a good thing

I got bored of ‘Chuck’ midway through season 2, it is all very well having a chap with a super computer in his head but if he is a clueless pillock with no spine then there all the hi-jinks start to get stale pretty quickly.

‘Intelligence’ sounded like a serious version of ‘Chuck’ so I gave it a go out of pure curiosity.  Gabriel is an ex-something special soldier whose wife infiltrated some terrorists and then seemed to take their side. So as a reward for him having such good judgement someone decided to put a super-computer in his head.

intelligence tv show

By this point I was already giggling, then the stripper from ‘CSI’ (played by Marg Helgenberger) turned up as the director of the United States Cyber Command unit. Some random female is assigned to babysit Gabriel and be largely two-dimensional

There is also a hippy coder is the obvious mole *oh don’t worry this comes out midway through the first episode* and the traditional nemesis – a female version of him with a newer chip, is loaded and wakes ups in the first episode.

This pretty much proved my gut-feeling that this show has no concept of pacing and features a lot of clichés. This rather puts me off watching the show and whilst I could end up missing out on something really good I don’t feel that the risk is worth the effort of sitting through this many unoriginal ideas.

That and I have a crazy feeling that this feels like a propaganda piece, that Gabriel is an example of a good that can be served by an all knowing Government, personally I see a jackass with too much power and no sense of control.

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