Film: Chronicle – “You do not feel guilty when you squash a fly… and I think that means something.”

Handheld footage films give me a headache, so they need to be really good for me to want to watch them.

For example ‘ The Blair Witch Project’ was overhyped and ultimately less scary than the random toddler who kept wandering down the theatre aisle looking for his mummy.

‘Cloverfield’ didn’t look worth the headache so I’ve not watched it to date, I wish I’d done the same with ‘Chronicle’.


In my defence, I had zero interest in seeing ‘Chronicle’ but my spouse wanted to see it and I was constructing playlists so wasn’t actually watching. However the annoying voice of one of the characters permeated into my brain despite my best intentions.

As far as I could tell the plot is annoying teen who views life through his video camera gets two friends after they inadvertently get superpowers. Then three annoying teens bum around doing not a lot for ages and then get pissed at each other.

The premise was pretty good but I really didn’t care for the three leads and this meant that I didn’t really care what happened to them.

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