Knee: Now with added spikes

My latest random internet-inspired attempt to take an edge of my leg pain was a spiked acupressure mat.

The logic is the spikes as like needle free acupuncture, so modern medicine would say that it prompts blood flow to the spiked areas.

Alternatively in traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture is thought to help the meridian lines channel the flow of a life force is known as Qi.

spike yoga mat

Alternatively again my yoga teacher talks a lot about prana, aka energy or life force, which also carried along meridian lines.

So basically three major things that you could decide to believe in all think that the spiky mat should help my leg, it seems worth a go!

The instructions that were on the internet page, but that didn’t actually come with the mat, said to lie down on it for 20 to 40 minutes a couple of times a week (or more) to alleviate muscle pain. It says that the spikes should hurt, but in a good “joyful” way.

I’m a little unsure about joyful painful spikes, but as the NHS are being less than helpful the spikes seem worth a go I suppose!

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