Film: Robocop 3 – “I am now authorized to… be loyal as a puppy.”

I watched ‘Robocop 2’ and ‘Robocop 3’ back to back in a slightly surreal attempt to block out an odd day at work combined with fixing an expensive door lock trauma.

The first film had been rather fun in a dystopian future sort of way – it had humour whilst being somewhat dark and gritty. However 2 was just dark, too many drugs and gun-toting children to be very fun. Despite some decent action scenes I lost interest and it felt a struggle to get to the end.

robocop 3 game

It was quickly apparent that ‘Robocop 3’ was on a tighter budget and the main actor had changed – the random flapping arm motions increased and the chap looked to be having real issues moving in the suit.

The plot was very 1980s, all it needed was the Youth Club to be at the centre of the community and it would have been a total stereotype. There was even a child of somewhat ambiguous gender in the form of Nikko – who had a knack for computers.

Robocop with a jet-pack is pretty stupid and the ninja felt unnecessary, but it was still more fun than 2. Although I really do now want to watch a film with an actual plot and dialogue that wasn’t written on the back of a take-out menu.

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