Film: ‘World War Z’ – “Looks like we just woke the dead. In that respect, please turn off all pagers and cellphones.”

One of my sibling’s friends on Facebook summed up the film ‘Contagion’ as “a bat f**ed a pig which spat in Gwyneth Paltrow’s c***.” This sentence has ensured that I am never ever ever watching ‘Contagion’ if it is bad enough to be reduced to that!

I rather wish the young lady had summed up ‘World War Z’ in a similar manner, the best that I have come up with is “Brad Pitt’s dodgy hair and beard kill everyone” – which doesn’t have the same impact, but is a more family friendly critique!

world war z

‘World War Z’ was surprisingly family friendly, there was no gore at all; there were only 2 occasions were anyone got bitten and it was a very tidy set of teeth marks with no ick. This gave the residual impression that the virus was airbourne as you watches hordes of people suddenly become infected without the normal gaping wounds that come with a zombie attack.

It was also a surprisingly dull film, the impending threat to mankind just wasn’t very interesting; some of this was due to Brad Pitt’s character’s awful children and some of it was due to the total lack of acting by any adult cast member – everyone was so wooden that they would give Pinocchio a run for his money.

Brad Pitt wanders around the globe apparently without eating, sleeping or washing, doesn’t find the cause of the outbreak or bother finding out what it is, but (SPOILER) does find a vaccine in Wales. Add in a subplot about not trusting the military and that is pretty much the entire film.

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