How not to move house part 1

I had a plan to move house, it was a slightly longer than short term plan as I had a lot of bits that I wanted to sort first. It now seems that it should be a shorter term plan, like nowish. So we’ve started to look at houses, we went to see two the other day…

One of them was a new build, mid terrace. It was actually surprisingly roomy and had a nice little balcony, a gorgeous combined living and dining room, a small suntrap of a garden and a nice conservatory.

The conservatory blocked out the light in the ground floor bedroom, it was very very dark in there – enough for me to easily imagine it bugging the heck out of me. There are two bathrooms in the middle of the house without any windows or easy way to air them – extractor fans annoy me… the ensuite has a proper window so is fine, but the other two could get vexing.

ugly house

(Photo from Pinterest)

The main bedroom on the top floor (three floors) had one small window, I really don’t want small windows!!!

And they want silly money for it… way too much. We could probably quibble, but the other stuff doesn’t make me want to bother as it doesn’t feel like a home.

The second place was not a new build, the ground floor was fab, ok size bedroom/study, gorgeous huge living room, small but well done dining room just off it. Good size bathroom with bath, shower, sink and toilet. Kitchen was mostly ok – floor tiles cracked and then a WEIRD cupboard thing that had been left open on the kitchen side after the house had been extended… so you open the cupboard door to find the butt-end of the fridge/freezer staring you in the face!

Garden was a good size and done well – seating area by the house, small seating area at the other end. The garage was a tip, but that could be cleared and a couple of repairs made to the backend of it.

The estate agents were running over 30 minutes late so three sets of people were all looking at once – us, another couple and a darker chap on his own. Everyone was clearly very impressed with the ground floor.

Then we went upstairs… the house was advertised as a “chalet-style” house, I think this means it was bungalow with a high room so someone shoved another floor in. The main bedroom looked ok, then you stepped into the room and was the toilet… there was an alcove off the main room with a toilet just staring at you – no door! And no sink, there was a shower where you’d logically have a sink.

This was just odd and really threw everyone.

The next room was a single-size bedroom with not that much space and the view out the window confirmed that the living room and kitchen extensions had a flat roof! You could have climbed onto the roof from this room.

The other room… I am not sure how to describe it… L shaped and despite being on the same floor as the other two bedrooms which had normal-ish ceiling heights this one had no ceiling for over half of it, even bent double I could feel the roof just about my head!

By this point everyone was struggling to keep a straight face – including the young lady from the estate agents, it was just laughable! Then on the way down it became apparent that the banister was beyond wobbly, it nearly came of in someone’s hand!

I got out of the house before bursting into laughter, REALLY bad. On the hand-out that we were given at the door from the estate agents they must have used a fish-eye camera as the rooms looked much better on paper!

This house hunting lark is trickier than I expected so far!

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