Rachel Caine’s ‘Glass Houses’ – “I can’t hit a girl. Here, Claire. You hit her”

‘Glass Houses’ is the first book in the Morganville Vampires series, there are 15 books in all and I have not read them all.

Claire Danvers is a book-smart young lady with zero common sense. She manages to find herself attending a college in a small town run by vampires, very tightly run in fact.

The popular kids tend to be bound to vampires who offer them protection in return for blind obedience and regular blood donations. Unbound people are fair game and the police turn a blind eye.

glass houses book cover

As such many of the popular kids are rather dreadful people with a massive sense of entitlement, which is how Claire gets beaten up repeatedly to the point where she moves off campus and into an old house with three total strangers.

Thankfully these strangers are rather nice; Michael is a surrogate big brother figure, Eve is a gothic older sister and Shane is Claire’s soon-to-be-boyfriend.

Over the course of the books Claire spends far too much time helping the vampires, sometimes to protect her friends and sometimes for reasons that a jolly unclear. It is these latter reasons that rather put me off the series, that and it went on for far too long.

The internet has provided me with the ending to the series and it was so obvious that I dispute that the following can be a SPOILER: Shane and Claire get hitched, as do Eve and Michael. The latter also becomes human again. I get the feeling that the Happy Ending is more important than the rest of the plot, so I might save myself the space on the bookshelf.

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2 thoughts on “Rachel Caine’s ‘Glass Houses’ – “I can’t hit a girl. Here, Claire. You hit her”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Morganville! I found the dialogue to be outrageous hilarious and clever! Like you, I have not read the entire series. I am currently starting over and rereading the whole series from start to finish. There are so many details I have forgotten. They are by far what I would consider the BEST vampire books out there. I highly recommend them! The dialogue alone makes them worth it! Vampires getting stabbed with pencils, and a crazy old vampire who wears pink vampire bunny slippers? Rachel Caine’s creative mind is one in a million.

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