Book: Stacey Jay’s ‘Dead in the Delta’ – “Monsters come in every sex, color and creed, and hold a wide variety of jobs.”

It is refreshingly low pressure to pick up a book expecting to find it dire. I had heard awful things about the main character in ‘Dead in the Delta’ and had invested a whole 1 pence in purchasing the book (plus £2.80 postage).

Annabelle Lee is described on the back over as a “hard-drinking, smart-mouthed, bicycle-riding redhead”, what this means in real terms is that she is a functioning alcoholic, at times barely functioning but still doing way better than Chess in a similar urban fantasy series.

The background is that a terrorist blew up a chemical plant and it mutated fairies into human-flesh craving monsters. Once a human is bitten by a fairy they die, get put into a camp or, if they are immune they work for the government.

Annabelle is immune and works picking up samples from the swamp, but mostly she drinks and shags her cop boyfriend.  However booze transpires to be a pretty tame bad habit as the drug of choice in this post-fairy-mutation world is Breeze, which is a combination of fairy poo and bleach.

dead on the delta

At this point I did wonder about the sanity of Stacy Jay’s imagination, this idle pondering turned into outright disgust after details of cats being drowned and bunnies being killed with rocks. It didn’t seem necessary and if it hadn’t been for these I would have called the book surprisingly good – for cheap trash that features cheap trash, although ‘Game of Thrones’ has rather taken any surprise out of a blonde haired child being the product of incest.

As it is I’m cheerfully going to drop it at a charity shop and avoid Jay’s work in future.

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