Film: ‘Spider-Man’ (2002) – “Misery, that’s what you’ve chosen”

I have never really been sold on the idea of Spider-Man as a credible hero, he seems like a whiney little brat with a dodgy moral compass who guilt-trips himself into trying to be a better person.

As such I deny any and all knowledge of how the film of ‘Spider-man’ got into the house, but I definitely want it out. However in order to ditch it the rule is that it needs to be watched, so I gritted my teeth and took off the cellophane.


Spidey himself was as annoying as I expected, MJ was a vacuous slut and William Dafoe ate the scenery very well (although not as well as in ‘Boondock Saints’

One thing that I did notice was how many possible references to masturbation the film contained – starting with the excessive webs… so this film is charity-shop bound! It is just a shame that we also seem to have the 2nd film!

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