Books: Charlaine Harris’ ‘Grave Sight’ – “I was profoundly glad I hadn’t been having an affair with her husband”

Charlaine Harris seems to have a thing for writing about young women who are socially isolated and have a power that is more of a curse than a blessing.

Sookie Stackhouse was a fairly accessible character and had some social skills. Harper Connelly is a pretty cold fish by comparison and it is probably a good thing that she only had four books in her series – ‘Grave Sight’, ‘Grave Surprise’, ‘An Ice Cold Grave’ and ‘Grave Secret’.

grave sight

It isn’t that they are bad books, they have a plot and wander along to a good enough ending each time. It is just that Harper is rather had to empathise with, I suppose finding dead people for a living  because being hit by lightening means that you “buzz” when you are near a corpse and then seeing their final moments would make you somewhat withdrawn and less than chatty.

Following the success of ‘True Blood’ there have been some interest in turning this into a TV show, it could work rather well with enough deviation from the books but it wouldn’t be as popular as ‘True Blood’ and would probably be cancelled by the end of the first season.

Part of this will be down to the total lack of sex appeal; Sookie was a bit of a slapper whereas Harper isn’t, however I wasn’t entirely sure why Harper felt the need to share with us that her step-brother’s penis was curved and that is going to be a longer lasting memory than the actual plots.

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