Pilates – Trying something new …and wondering why I bothered

My usual Pilates session was cancelled this week so I decided to try two new Pilates classes instead – partly because I could and partly because I have wondered why my gym has three classes a week with three different teachers.

First class was Tuesday afternoon, seven students in the room and the woman immediately noticed that I was new. I immediately noticed that her socks and top were the same neon shade of yellow-green but somehow they didn’t match.

She also had more props than I’d ever seen in one class – in six months attendance my usual class has used a bender ball twice and a resistance band once. This class used a pillow, a small ball, a circle with pads on and a resistance band!

pilates ring

(Photo from yorkfitness.com)

The moves were more basic than I was used to, but there were more of them as she only did five reps on most things. She was also very hands on, by which I mean she poked people randomly, which was a bit of a surprise as I’m used to being warned before a teacher touches me (even to correct something)!

I didn’t feel very worked at the time, but the next day I was more aware of my upper abs than I expected so I guess it did something!

The second class was on Thursday and I was told that this teacher used music, in contrast to the other two who do not, making this Musical Pilates – which sounded a rather funky idea. The reality was the music sounded like elevator music for a yoga class, it was not worthy of being called music.

In a room of five people there were two new people, me and a bloke (let’s call him Bob). The woman noticed Bob was new and got very excited, so excited that she didn’t notice me. Which was fine by me, but it didn’t encourage me to trust her powers of observation.

In terms of props she used a small ball and a resistance band – she used the band so much that my hands smelt of rubber even after I’d scrubbed them!

I am unsure if it was (or wasn’t) a more challenging class than Tuesday, but it was less fun and I felt almost invisible – which is a shock given my Wednesday class tends to have three people in and the teacher constantly pushes us to ‘glow’ more.

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2 thoughts on “Pilates – Trying something new …and wondering why I bothered

  1. I agree that it is amazing how different a class can be with a new instructor! My Pilates class worked out to a Beyoncé album last week. Way better that elevator music.

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