Book: Nancy Holzner’s ‘Deadtown’ – Teenage zombies are annoying

There are probably going to be six books in the ‘Deadtown’ series and I’m probably never going to get further than the third book.

The first book ‘Deadtown’ introduced Victory Vaughn, aka Vicky, as Boston’s only professional demon slayer and Welsh-origined shape shifter.

There are a surprising number of  demons in Deadtown, in addition to  werewolves, vampires, witches and zombies. The zombies appeared after a mysterious plague killed loads of people in Boston and then they resurrected as zombies three days later. Most of  the zombies that we see in the books appear to have having a constant pity-me-party which gets very old very quickly; for example Tina is an irritating side-kick wannabe who needs a slap but instead is just allowed to continue to be a brat.


There are some solid ideas and themes in the book but it felt like not a lot happened for too much of the book and the central characters simply weren’t that strong

Vicky is a strong female led with an independent streak… and a refusal to listen to anyone else or stop and think about a situation before acting. I ended up feeling very sorry for Kane as her sort-of boyfriend.

I do think that Juliet, Vicky’s vampire roommate might have been a more entertaining lead character and she certainly had better people skills. Vicky’s sister is a stupid self-absorbed cow too and  even her Aunt Mab doesn’t want to give a straight answer when it would be really useful.

The second book ‘Hellforged’  decided to move into dwelling on prophecies and dodgy relatives, it muddled along and had a couple of neat bits – mostly the existence of a Glitch. A Glitch is like the electrical Gremlin from Gremlins 2’ that messes up technology but can be defeated by hairspray.

Juliet made herself scarce and Tina was even more annoying than previously.

Book three is ‘Bloodstone’ and features a serial killer. It was an improvement on the second book but the ending is a let down. Vicky is also still an egotistical moo cow and I don’t want to play with this series anymore.

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3 thoughts on “Book: Nancy Holzner’s ‘Deadtown’ – Teenage zombies are annoying

  1. Ha, an “egotistical moo coo”! I love it. I *attempted* to read this YA book last year (The 13 Reasons Why), got about 20 pages in, decided I DESPISED the voice of one of the major characters and then – in a first, because I always either hang on to my books forever or re-gift them, because there’s a special hell for people who throw out books – I ripped the cover clear off and threw the entire thing in the trash. There’s too many good books out there to bother with the moo cows, man. 😉

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