A hairdresser wearing a hat doesn’t inspire confidence

I wish my hair would behave slightly more well behaved, even as a child everyone commented that my hair was really thick and this was seen as being an enviable quality.

It might be enviable if each strand wasn’t very fine, as it is my hair has a habit of eating brushes and I have to be very fussy about the shampoo and conditioner that I use if I wasn’t want an unmanageable mess of tangles.

This means that I’ve preferred long bob length since I was 15, however I did start to wonder how it would look longer – and it that would let me avoid going to the hairdressers for longer. I am not good at random small talk and being in situations where it is required can stress me out a little.


It doesn’t help that my last hairdressers looked like a tattoo convention and had a massively high staff turnover – every time I started to get comfortable with someone they left.

There aren’t that many hairdressers in the nearest town by the time you exclude the specialists in African hair, the overpriced designer hair care places and the places that also offer to style & colour hair on another part of the body!

The one that I ended up trying had less obviously tattooed staff and was playing radio-friendly pop music rather than sounding like a rave – so was already an improvement on the last place. However it was a little odd to have a stylist who kept her fedora on the entire time – which made me wonder if she was hiding a style disaster under there.

Dodgy hats aside I was pretty happy with what she did, bearing in mind that all I wanted was a trim there really wasn’t much scope to go wrong! Although it does seem that they are into really sleek and feathered finishes which aren’t really very me, I’ve going to go again in a couple of months, but I might ask if she can remove the hat this time.


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