Film: ‘Universal Soldier Regeneration’ – “We’ve been over this all before”

“Regeneration” is a word that seems to be used a lot to sell face cream that I am, thankfully, too young to be the target audience of. The adverts for these creams promise they will work wonders and throw around the names of various chemicals – some of which are probably made up.

universal soldier regeneration

I think various chemicals were used during the creation of ‘Universal Soldier Regeneration’ as the film coms across as hiring Van Damme and a couple of Mixed Martial Arts guys then filming in Eastern Europe on the cheap.

The plot doesn’t matter, which is the norm for Van Damme films, but the action scenes were over long and not very interesting. Watching my cat sleep was far more entertaining even when he wasn’t trying to catch mice and accidentally grabbing my toes.

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