Nail Art: Feminism – with added cats

I get my news from a number of sources as it is amazing how different outlets can treat the same story with such differing perspectives and how some stories can fly under the radar of 92% of outlets only to be centre stage on the couple which do cover it.

The Guardian article on cats against feminism could politely be called very cheap and easy journalism. It consisted of taking pictures of cats with captions from other parts of the internet (possibly entirely from wehuntedthemammoth) and giving a teeny tiny bit of commentary to explain why there were cat pictures.

cat against feminism - vacuum

(From the Guardian article linked above, possibly originally from the Mammoth people also linked above)

It was like Lolcats without my virus checker sticking massive warnings over the page warning about dodgy links or adverts or something generally bad.

It made me wonder if there was any fun feminist nail art out there, so I looked and this is what I found:

90s nail art not feminist

(Photo from Pinterest)

uterus nail art feminist

(Photo from Pinterest)

There must be a middle ground between reducing feminism to a meaningless symbol equivalent to smiling alien faces and painting your insides on the outside.

I am still trying to be nice so I can’t say that these are both VERY scary in their own special way, but I can say “Bring back the cats!”

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