Cat Toy: Petstages Whirly Gig – Round and round we go

It has been a while since I bought the cats a completely new toy, as oppose to replacing one they already had, liked and had destroyed.

Buying them new toys is a little tricky as I’d fussy about avoiding cheap made in sweatshop crap and won’t buy anything containing anything less than decent grade catnip that I can smell myself.

G likes catnip and soft things that he can carry around whilst mewing plaintively for attention despite being adored and doted on more than most children.

F doesn’t really do toys, this may or may not be due to G’s view that everything is his. Unlike his sibling F doesn’t respond to catnip very much, instead he gets high on carrots – which looks as weird as it sounds.

petstages whirly gig

I was getting desperate for a new toy and saw the Petstages Whirly Gig, it seemed expensive at £4 for a small bit of plastic. However some of the Petstages stuff has been rather good and there really was nothing else worth having in the store.

Got it home and quickly ascertained that it didn’t really work on carpet – but works a treat on the kitchen floor. Both cats love it, they bat it like crazy and a strategically placed kitchen towel has prevented it from living permanently under the fridge.

If only G would stop sitting on it when his sibling tries to play…

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