My sibling wants a Holiday in Cambodia

My younger sibling is in Japan, they have been in Japan for about 18 months now and seem to be doing ok.

I say “seems” because they are rather tight lipped about what they are up to, I am loathe to ask too many questions because I am not sure I really want to know. My parents are taking the same track – well actually my dad is deliberately not telling my mum rather a lot of things.

Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia

One of these things is that my sibling’s new job doesn’t have paid holiday, so due to term time dates for the next two months they won’t be getting paid.

So they have decided to go to Cambodia for a month – popping through Thailand on the way. I am slightly concerned about this plan, but I am sure my tiny, pretty, blonde, clueless sibling will be just fine wandering around countries with rubbish poverty and human rights records…although I do want to post them some pepper spray just in case.

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