Books: Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series – “Stand in the middle of a forest under a full moon with a raw steak tied to your face, holding a sign that says, ‘Eat me; I’m stupid’?”

There are so far 12 books in Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series. The main driver for the plotlines is that Kitty is a werewolf and has a radioshow; events are set in motion by the first book and then everything follows on from them – normally the events of the previous book fuel the fire of the big bad in the next book.

This works pretty well for a surprisingly well for the first four books – ‘Kitty and the Midnight Hour’, ‘Kitty Goes to Washington’, ‘Kitty Takes a Holiday’ and ‘Kitty and the Silver Bullet’. These books link nicely into a story arch that ends with Kitty almost being comfortable in both her skins.

I didn’t get on so much with ‘Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand’ as Kitty’s adventures in Las Vegas felt too close to Anita Blake’s shenanigans in ‘Skin Trade’ – there was really very little in common apart from it being supernatural beings in Las Vegas but that was enough for me to feel jaded.

kitty and the midnight hour

‘Kitty Raises Hell’ was ok but fundamentally required you to care about what had happened in Vegas… oops.

‘Kitty’s House of Horrors’ was an interesting take on reality TV, but nothing has hasn’t been covered by a variety of slasher flicks, although the book has less promiscuous nudity and more emotional depth.

‘Kitty Goes to War’ felt like it contained elements of social commentary on the nature of war, which is why I give this book more credit than the plot deserves on its own. This is the last book in the series that I still own.

‘Kitty’s Big Trouble’ felt like a homage (or rip off depending how generous you feel) of ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ and started bringing the subplot of ‘The Long Game’ into the unavoidable forefront of the series. ‘The Long Game’ is a vampire conspiracy/political battle and promises to be REALLY dull, let’s be honest vampires live for a long time so it would be like playing chess in very slow motion, which isn’t what I look for in a book.

low midnight

‘Kitty Steals the Show’ and ‘Kitty Rocks The House’ were dull as ditchwater, more vampire politics and petty little games, I also started getting very bored of Cormac by this point, he was rather interesting originally and a hookup between the two could have been interesting… however that isn’t going to happen and Ben is too straight-laced to be interesting enough to balance out the sheer boredom of vamp politics.

The last three books have ended up at the charity shop.

I haven’t read the most recent book, ‘Kitty in the Underworld’ but I am assured that Kitty spends two-thirds of the book in a cave with no intelligent conversation, which sounds pretty darn dull. I am interested to see where the series ends but it won’t be having any more of my money or bookshelf space.

The next book in the series is actually a spin off featuring Cormac – unfortunately it is post-prison Cormac so he has baggage (literally), so ‘Low Midnight’ is not on my list of things to read. Which is somewhat of shame as Carrie Vaughn wrote some rather entertaining to start with and I’d still recommend the first four books.

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